The Point Vision (PV) product line is the world’s smartest IoT Video Surveillance Platform. The PV video cameras are internally networked with a cellular router and Windows based PC that capture, store, analyze video and stream (locally) at the edge.
Each device is configured with two on-board computers, POE switch, router with embedded 4G LTE modem, Wi-Fi, wireless, and PTZ or fixed cameras. Video can be stored and streamed anywhere there is a cellular and/or hard-wire Ethernet connection. Proprietary Web-based GUI connects the user remotely to each device for configuration. and power management.

PTZ & Fixed Cameras

PTZ Camera

PTZ & Self-Cleaning


Thermal & Fixed Camera

License Plate Reader & Fixed Camera


The Point Vision product line was developed for customers who:

  • Have a wide reaching area for video surveillance and do not have a hard Ethernet connection available
  • Require large amounts of onsite video storage
  • Desire to perform video analytics at the edge
  • Require portability and modularity for camera configuration changes
  • Want the ability to remotely connect to the on-board devices for troubleshooting, updating and re-booting
  • Want the flexibility to customize systems for multi-applications within the same project

All Weather Protection


Law Enforcement
Border Patrol
Port Authority
Ports of Call


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Power Management Platform

Web-enabled Power Distribution, Climate Control and Device Monitoring.

The X|Smart power management platform is a multi-function web-enabled power supply chassis & user interface, facilitating the control and monitoring of onboard interconnected devices
  • Provides 12 VDC, 24 VDC, 56 VDC and 802.3 AT POE Power
  • Remotely Power Cycles And Reboots Onboard Devices
  • View & Monitor Input Voltage, Current And Watts, – Real-Time & Graphed Over Time
  • Integrated Switch With Four 10/1000Mbps Ethernet Ports
  • Integrated Climate Control- Heating And Air Conditioning



Pan Tilt Zoom, Fixed Dome or Multi-view IP Camera Options

Network cameras equipped with options such as image stabilization, day and night functionality, and powerful optical zoom, send video over an IP network (LAN or WAN) for live viewing and/or recording. They provide event management and intelligent video functionalities such as video motion detection, audio detection, active tampering alarm and auto tracking.
  • Wide coverage area with 360-degree Pan and E Flip
  • Up to 32x optical zoom
  • Motion detection triggers and event alarms
  • Up to 60 frames per second and 700 degrees per second pan speed
  • Preset positions, guard tours & auto tracking




High Capacity Onboard Recording

Edge recording performed via single-board computer, Windows or Linux based, with expandable high capacity storage up to 6Tb. Allowing for up to 61 days of onboard video storage at 15 fps @ 1080p, or up to 132 days of storage at 15 fps @720p. Storage can be sized according to need. Our edge recording systems can accommodate numerous video management systems including open platform network video management software.




Secure Network Connectivity With Integrated Broadband Router

Cellular, fixed wireless & wired connectivity options for security critical access to live and recorded video content.
  • Integrated 4G LTE Modem
  • Up to 4 LAN/WAN Ethernet ports
  • 2 X 2 MIMO Wi-Fi AP
  • Secure VPN Support
  • Advanced routing; NAT, Port Forwarding, with management port, static routes and dynamic DNS DNS, DNS Proxy, DHCP server, IP Pass-through, and VLAN
  • Power over Ethernet




Self-cleaning Dome Washing System With Programmable Cleaning Schedules

The world’s only patented self-cleaning system consistently yields clear image quality during wet, dirty and harsh weather conditions.
  • Remote and programmable control of self-cleaning events
  • Integrated fluid reservoir contains up to 80 washes of fluid
  • Fixed wiper does not interfere with camera viewing
  • Schedule cleaning events via Web User Interface

This video shows the operation of the X Stream Designs self-cleaning camera dome system. As shown from inside the camera dome looking out to the road; the system will turn on, the dirty camera dome will rotate against a fixed wiper blade (not seen) and the debris will be removed from the dome.



Extreme heat, extreme cold all weather climate protection

Solid State Air-conditioning and heating systems provide a stable internal environment for sensitive electronic components.
  • High performance air circulation
  • Redundant fan system
  • Rapid Thermal recovery
  • On-board thermostatic devices with remote temperature control



Snow, Ice & Extreme Cold

Designed for reliable and scalable protection from cold weather elements, the X|Heat models protect sensitive electronic components from extreme temperature swings in cold climates. External surfaces prevent the accumulation of snow and ice on the enclosure, and divert melting water from the surface of the dome.

*Optional on some models


Hot & Extremely Hot Climates

Solar radiation and heat generated from the camera, camera accessories and power supply can quickly increase the internal temperature of the camera enclosure. The X|Cold solid state cooling system will protect sensitive electronics by removing the heat and cooling the inside of the sealed enclosure to keep the temperature within the operating range of the hardware to use.


Taylor-made To Fit Your Needs

Start with The X Stream Designs Base Enclosure and Build Your Own System

Each base enclosure is outdoor ready; dust free and water tight, equipped with the X|Smart multi-function power distribution system and graphical user interface.

The enclosures are designed to house most all PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) and fixed dome cameras on the market today, as well as ancillary network devices that facilitate the recording, storage and streaming of surveillance video. Choose any PTZ or fixed dome camera, router, NVR, switch, or any other device and X Stream Designs will build a system to your specification

Customize Your Enclosure with:
  • Router
  • Switches
  • NVR
  • PTZ Camera
  • Fixed Dome Camera
  • Broadcast Camera
  • Audio Encoders
  • Heater
  • Air Conditioning
  • Self-Cleaning & Self-wiping


X Stream Designs offers complete Engineering, Design and Build services for new product development and rapid prototyping. Specializing in video surveillance systems hardware and software, we design and build to your exact specifications, or we can develop your ideas into viable products. Our specialties include the design of overt and covert surveillance systems with integrated control systems and networked devices.

  • High Performance Image Acquisition and Processing Systems
  • User Interface Design
  • Printed Circuit Board Design and Assembly
  • Software and Applications
  • Mechanical and Thermal Design
  • Electro-mechanical Design
  • Motion Control
  • Power Distribution Modules
  • Climate Control
  • Injection Molded Plastics and Plastic Enclosures
  • Precision Machined Parts
  • Sheet Metal Components and Sheet Metal Enclosures


At X Stream Designs, we are all about problem solving and providing value added solutions to our customers. We established our custom design and OEM products company in 2012, and immediately went to work designing the world’s first Smart video camera enclosure and self-cleaning camera dome system. These two innovations provide security integrators the ability to lower the cost of maintenance and provide the user web-based controls to manage and monitor power to the video surveillance hardware. Combined with 35 years of design, and manufacturing experience and over 20 years of working with CCTV camera systems; the team of engineers, designers and fabricators, at X|Stream Designs, is uniquely positioned to design and build high technology and high quality products for the video surveillance industry.

Customize Your Perfect System

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