About Us


Our company vision started on a napkin over lunch and soon became a company in July of 2012.  We immediately went to work designing the world’s first self-cleaning camera enclosure system and our X|Smart web-enabled power distribution, monitoring and control platform.

These two innovations provide end users the ability to lower the cost of maintenance, improve image quality and remotely monitor and control the camera enclosure system and its integrated components.  Combined with over 35 years of design and manufacturing experience and over 23 years of working with CCTV camera systems, the team at X Stream Designs is uniquely positioned to design and manufacture high technology, high quality products for the broadcast, streaming and video surveillance industries.

Manufacturer of Outdoor Surveillance Camera Housings

2120 Jimmy Durante Blvd.
Suite 115
Del Mar, CA 92014

T: 858.768.2992
E: info@xstreamdesigns.com


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