Self-Washing/Wiping PTZ Camera Enclosure Systems – Remotely Controllable via Web-Based GUI.


The Worlds Only Patented Self Wiping & Self Cleaning System. Consistently Yields Clear Image Quality During Wet, Dirty, & Harsh Weather Conditions.

This video shows the operation of the X Stream Designs self-cleaning camera dome system. As shown from inside the camera dome looking out to the road; the system will turn on, the dirty camera dome will rotate against a fixed wiper blade (not seen) and the debris will be removed from the dome.


X|Clear Programmable Menu
  • Automated Self Cleaning Camera Dome
  • Dome Rotates Against Fixed Wiper Blade to Remove Rain Drops
  • Software Activated Wiping & Cleaning
  • Controlled From Internet and Smart Devices
  • Up to 90 Self-cleaning Cycles Before Reservoir Refill
  • Remotely Controlled Power Cycling
  • Superior Performance In Harsh Corrosive Conditions
  • Modular Design Provides Field Replaceable Extra Capacity (X|Tended Model)
  • Smart Device Integration

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