Climate Control



Extreme heat, extreme cold all weather climate protection

Solid State Air-conditioning and heating systems provide a stable internal environment for sensitive electronic components.
  • High performance air circulation
  • Redundant fan system
  • Rapid Thermal recovery
  • On-board thermostatic devices with remote temperature control



Snow, Ice & Extreme Cold

Designed for reliable and scalable protection from cold weather elements, the X|Heat models protect sensitive electronic components from extreme temperature swings in cold climates. External surfaces prevent the accumulation of snow and ice on the enclosure, and divert melting water from the surface of the dome.

*Optional on some models


Hot & Extremely Hot Climates

Solar radiation and heat generated from the camera, camera accessories and power supply can quickly increase the internal temperature of the camera enclosure. The X|Cold solid state cooling system will protect sensitive electronics by removing the heat and cooling the inside of the sealed enclosure to keep the temperature within the operating range of the hardware to use.